Getting A Plumber For Your Backed Up Sinks And Toilets  

When you have discovered after washing dishes that the water in your sink isn’t going down, quotes naturally you are going to use all of the remedies available to handle the issue. We are talking the plunger and the drain cleaner, the snake that reaches in the drain and grabs the hair and gunk. The problem is that those remedies didn’t work this time and now you are noticing that the toilets and tub drains are backed up as well. Also, you have a smell of raw sewage is in your kitchen. That means you need to consider getting a plumber to your house to handle that situation and quick. It will only get worse from there. Some possible issues are item blocking the pipes are your child’s toys, feminine products or hair, and the septic tank is messed. It could any of these items.

Diagnosing The Problem

Having any plumbers Daphne AL come out is crucial. There are steps that the plumber needs to take in order to help you with your problem. Of course, he has looked everywhere. The problem, of course, has to be coming from the septic tank. Once, according to plumber, it’s the septic tank that causing the trouble. The problem is that when the construction team built the house and a plumber installed the septic tank a piece of the pipe that was installed wrong. Instead of fitting the right pipe the wrong was put in its place. Unfortunately, after using the septic system for so many years, you are the one paying the cost for a situation that was not your fault. Septic systems are designed to break down and clean out all of the impurities so that the water can be pure again. All it takes is just to put the right fitting pipe into place.

How Often Should Plumbing Be Checked

To avoid having a backed-up system, your septic tank should be checked every 3 years and the other plumbing should be checked every year. If you are able to catch some things early then, you have a good chance of not having to pay for a costly repair. When it comes to dealing with the septic tank, this is very expensive because the plumber is having to dig under the house. At least you know you won’t have this issue again. This type of repair job is averaged around $1,600 to $3,500. Most other plumbing jobs are anywhere from $140 to $500. It just depends on the job and what’s being done as to what price you pay. Plus, there are any specials, you just might get a good deal. After the septic tank repair, you are going to make sure no items are found in the toilet.

Have a plumber come out today for your needs. It may not be a septic repair but you still need some help. Reach out to a plumber today and see what is going on with your plumbing.