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Some Facts about Laser Therapy as the Cure for Hair Loss

The cure for balding are finally claimed to have been found by several doctors, drug companies and entrepreneurs from the various modern hair restoration methods. However, these so-called miracle products fell short of the expectations and results that bald men and women are hoping, from a salve, cream, pill or physical device, thus leaving these persons positively waiting for the next miracle product to come out in the market.

This is where laser treatment is viewed as the ultimate miracle product to stop baldness.

The general procedure of laser therapy is the penetration of the patient’s skin at a precise and appropriate wavelengths, and will stimulate different healing and self-restoring properties. For patients suffering thinning hair, what is recommended is low level laser treatment where it works on the scalp and stimulates the blood flow to the follicles, resulting to an inhibited prostaglandin formation, and encouraging directly the activity of the hair follicle. As per theory, this process should stimulate the growth of hair and reverse a balding patient’s progressive hair loss. With the use of a special apparatus, the application of this laser treatment can be done in a physician’s clinic or at home with the use of a laser comb or cap.

Laser therapy has been known by those suffering from hair loss, and this LLLT or low level laser therapy is considered as one of the best hair loss treatment for its safe and non-invasive treatments. In order to rid of any impurities in the hair follicles, the laser therapy used for hair is at a low intensity. The cells will then regenerate resulting to an increased blood flow and nutrients of the scalp and into the follicles, that will lead to hair growth stimulation. This method or therapy is then an excellent treatment for those men and women suffering from patterned baldness.

Laser therapy is found by those who have tested the treatment as an excellent solution with great results and considering it as a safe and non-surgical treatment. People who are starting to notice of some hair loss without bald patch yet, it is suggested to undergo a low intensity laser treatment. When you consult a doctor, there is a possibility that they will recommend another hair growth treatment like supplements or hair products to go along side with the laser light therapy in order to get more positive results.

Experts would claim that laser therapy for hair loss would last from anywhere 6 months to 2 years, depending on how fast you have been having hair loss. While the follicles are still alive, effective results will only happen on people suffering from thinning hair or just experiencing hair loss.

How I Became An Expert on Services

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