Keep the Bed Bugs Away

When we were tucked in at night and told not to let the bed bugs bite, we never thought it would actually be a concern. The truth is that bed bugs can be a real pest, and even pose health risks if left unchecked. Save some money and hassle by taking a few preventive measures for bed bug control Minneapolis MN and surrounding areas.

Be Aware of Used Items

One thing that makes bed bugs especially annoying is their ability to hitchhike with the best of them. The can spread easily by hitching a ride via a number of travel methods. When you buy second-hand items, always inspect them closely prior to purchase or bringing into your home. Bed bugs can hide easily in boxes and other containers, but they are especially good at traveling with us on clothes, furniture, and even plush toys.

Always Use Protection In Bed

They are called bed bugs for a reason. Your mattress is a great plce for these little guys and gals to burrow into the fabric or hide in the folds and seams. To help prevent these pests from finding a spot on your mattress, simply protect it with a mattress cover.

Mattress covers can be found in a varitey of materials and price points. The things to look for in a new mattress cover is the durability of the material as you will be sleeping on it for hours every night and preferably a light color so you can more easily see any bed bugs. Regularly inspect mattress covers for any rips or tears that may serve as an inviting entrance to unwanted guests.

Keep Your Home Relatively Clutter-Free

Life is hectic and our homes reflect that. It’s impossible to think we can ever keep our homes completely clutter-free. It can help a great deal in preventing bed bugs to try and keep the clutter to a minimum. Not only are they great hitchhikers, but they can also play a mean game of hide and seek. Give them fewer places to hide by keeping things picked up, organized, and cleaned – as much as possible, at least.

Watch Out for the Laundry Room

Those of us that do not have a washer and dryer in our homes have added risks of bed bug infestation. Public laundry facilities can be great places for bed bugs and other pests to hang out. If you use public laundry facilities, always use a plastic bag to transport your clothing and other items. If you are experiencing an infestation of any sort, use a new plastic bag for the trip home. The heat from the dryers can kill the bed bugs and you don’t want to bring them back home.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy or fun. It’s always best to avoid that hassle by taking a few steps to deter pests like bed bugs. Sleep tight knowing you won’t let the bed bugs bite.