Paving Contractors Can Pave, Repair, Seal and Maintain Your Asphalt Areas

Asphalt is a black, sticky and highly tacky liquid. It is a semi-solid type of petroleum. It is classed as a pitch and can be located in natural deposits or refined as a product. Road construction is the primary use for asphalt. It is mixed with a group of other particles and it creates concrete. Eighty-five percent of all asphalt produced is used for roads. The other use for asphalt is for waterproofing and sealing roofs.

Construction uses refined asphalt. It is used in roofing and paving. Refined asphalt is produced to specification for an end user. It is done by blending or refining. It is estimated that the world uses about 102 tons of asphalt per year. Airport runways, footpaths, and car parks are other uses for asphalt. The production of asphalt is typically produced by mixing coarse and fine products like gravel, sand and crushed rock with asphalt. The mixing materials act as a binding agent. Old tires melted down may also be added to asphalt to form a certain consistency needed for intended projects. About 10 percent of produced asphalt is used for roofing where it is essential that the roof is waterproofed. The waterproofing qualities are also used in insulating and sealing building materials, to coat pipes, paint and carpet tile backing.

In construction, a paver is what is used to lay the asphalt on roads, parking lots, bridges, and many other places. It will lay the asphalt flat and compact the asphalt before the roller finishes the job. Asphalt is put in the paver’s hopper by a dump truck or a material transfer unit. The auger receives the asphalt from the hopper which has been carried down by a conveyor. The auger’s job is to place the right amount of asphalt in front of the screed. The screed takes the asphalt and spreads it the width of the area needed and does the initial compaction. The paver gives a smooth uniformed surface for the screed. The height of the screed is controlled by the angle, vibration of the screed, the towing force, and the material head. Other controls are used to elevate the finished pavement. All these controls give the asphalt coming down the proper amount to be used for the job.

Asphalt paving Sarasota FL contractors use a mixture of crude oil with a mixture of sand and stone to produce a dark brown or black substance. The mixture is heated up to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Before the asphalt is used the site is prepared by leveling the surface and grading it smooth. Once the asphalt is laid the area will be compacted by the roller.

Laying asphalt is the most economical way to go for large parking lots and it is basically maintenance free. Asphalt paving is used for commercial projects like parking lots, shopping centers, government, and corporate buildings and schools. The contractors will be able to remove a layer of old asphalt to get out any inadequacies so the new asphalt can be applied for a new smooth surface.