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For those who have not heard or are not aware of the vibration analysis, it is the method that is used for monitoring, analyzing and detecting the structural condition at specified period because of faster data collection and interpretation. Vibration analysis is complex and broad and therefore utilizes the various aspects of screening and diagnostic disciplines beginning from the condition monitoring to the defect detection. Most of data vibration collectors can support a variety of sensor gathering of data in a much simultaneous way. With vibration analysis, the usual route data acquisition can get captured by the various sine waves and does the separation in line with the frequencies. Then from there, one can present them as a separate frequency with their amplitudes which is usually in an unearthly manner.

As for the operation, two signals are compared, and that is the tachometer pulse and the vibration signal. With the signs, it is the vibration signal that sends the sine wave while the tachometer pulse brings about the square wave. The peaks of the two sources are brought to comparison for timing as the time difference between the two is displayed in degrees because both the sources have relations with rotational motion. Many times you will find out that the mechanical issues begin in a small way that cannot be easily noticed but end up causing a lot of problems just because there were no measures that were put in place to detect and prevent those problems. Vibration analysis is, therefore, one of the essential problem-solving mechanisms.

One should note that vibration analysis is very important, and it has the following benefits. The vibration analysis is very helpful in that it reduces the equipment cost because instead of replacing the whole equipment because of the critical failure, a repair can get done before it fails. Therefore, the cost and the labor that one may need in the repair process become much lower. With the support in place, it will enable the issues to be fixed before the equipment crashes. Vibration analysis increases safety, and for that case, it creates a safe driving condition for employees and also the customers.

Vibration analysis gets to improve the efficiency of employee time by determining the exact repair task that is necessary to fix the problems within the system. With early identification of the problem and on the other hand the problem gets fixed early enough, it increases the effectiveness the machine. Vibration analysis plays a significant role in increasing revenue, and for that case, there is less maintenance on the equipment and quick repair which can be effectively handled hence reducing the repair time. Therefore it is imperative to consider vibration analysis as it plays a crucial role.

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