3 Reasons to Consider a Hybrid Mattress

Today mattress shoppers who demand comfort and durability often choose hybrid models. Before deciding on a product, many savvy consumers scour the Internet for the latest news about styles like the Avocado Green mattress. This eco-friendly option is ideal for all types of sleepers and offers unparalleled comfort. It is very durable and made with sustainable materials that offer support as well as a luxurious experience.

Layers Offer Contoured Comfort

A mattress is considered a hybrid when it combines innerspring coils and layers of foam. The Avocado Green includes three layers that work together to provide a cloud-like sleeping experience. The top layer is made from wool and has a soft cover. A two inch middle layer consists of natural Dunlop latex. The company offers a pillow top style that also provides an extra two inches of latex. The base layer of each mattress has 16-gauge pocket coils that add support. This careful design results in a mattress that contours and molds to sleepers while preventing sagging.

Luxury Hybrid Mattresses Can Be Earth Friendly

Customers often choose an eco-friendly hybrid product when they want a luxurious mattress that is made with sustainable materials. For example, an eco-friendly model includes an organic cotton cover. The materials used to construct the mattress are all sustainable and earth-friendly. Its manufacturers are committed to creating products without petroleum-based polyurethane foam or toxic chemicals. In addition, the Dunlop latex used in mattresses is organic as well as antimicrobial. The latex is also “green certified” by the eco-INSTITUT. Even the process used to harvest rubber for latex is carefully orchestrated to avoid harming trees.

A Quality Hybrid Is Durable

Shoppers searching for quality mattresses also choose hybrids because they remain comfortable for years. Top-of-the-line styles offer washable covers. Mattresses with pocketed innersprings do not need to be flipped, although they should be rotated occasionally to maintain performance. Materials such as Dunlop latex are some of the most long-lasting in the mattress industry. In tests, eco-friendly hybrids were 25% more durable than those made with foam alone.

Hybrid mattresses built with sustainable foam and pocketed coils are popular among shoppers. Extremely comfortable, eco-friendly hybrids are created using earth-friendly materials and processes. They are designed to remain comfortable and supportive for years and often outperform other styles in durability.