Websites: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How to Improve User Website in Website Development

You websites for the user and not just for you which is why you need to ensure they are having the best experience when they visit the site. The users might have a different opinion about issues to do with a website than what you think. Studies conducted between 2000 and 2015 show that the attention span of human beings is not what it once was. The decrease has been by 12 seconds. Website designers cannot afford to ignore this information. You can influence the user to stay on the page in just about 8 seconds. This is determined by the value proposition. If you cannot do that in 8 seconds, they will be distracted. This is why before designing a website you need to understand how to appeal to the user. First of all, you need a unique value proposition. Making a good impression on the first contact is crucial but there should be something to make the user want to stay. The decision on whether to check another site or stay on the current one all depends on the value proposition. You need to let the visitor know how his or her problems can be solved by the products or even services you are offering. In a few points, explain the strengths of the product on offer and what makes it the better option than the others on the market.

You need to do the best you can to declutter the website. If the website is very cluttered, it will hurt the eyes of the user. Also, clutter confuses the brain. A simple move like adding white space between your paragraphs and also at the margins will increase its comprehension by twenty percent. The layout of the webpage may not have a big effect on the site performance but it does improve the user experience and satisfaction. The mood of the person visiting your page can be better or worse depending on the web design elements you have on the site. You need the effect to be positive and not negative. White space can go a long way in helping you with lead generation. It reduces the effort the reader has to invest in browsing the site and this makes it easy to navigate.

Ensure there is a call-to-action button on the site. This will increase your conversion rate not to mention how it helps in making the website attractive. Do not just assume that just because you are not selling a particular product or service then you do not require it. It might be a call to sign up for the newsletters, download a certain ebook or just for a free trial.

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